101.27 Carat Diamond Named ‘The Shizuka Diamond’

13 08 2010

A 101.27 carat, F color, VVS1 clarity diamond bought at Christie’s in May 2008 for $6.21 million has been named ‘The Shizuka Diamond’ by its new owner as a gift for his wife of 16 years.

Mounted into a tiara, the diamond is the largest colorless diamond ever sold at auction in Asia, and at the time of its sale it was the largest colorless diamond to have sold at auction anywhere in the world in nearly 20 years.

The $61,500 per carat diamond was sold for the Taché Group which also manufactured it from a 460 carat rough diamond into a modified shield shape with 92 facets. Taché named it ‘Dawn of the Millennium.’




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