Colony 6th-grader finds diamond on field trip

13 08 2010

Here’s a little gem about a sixth-grader who struck it rich on a school field trip.

Maggie Rasgado of The Colony unearthed a 1.23-carat diamond during a recent visit to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Ark., where people are allowed to prospect and keep what they find.

Uncut, the gem’s value is $800, but it could be worth 10 times that once cut. Maggie, who found the rock during a trip sponsored by Griffin Middle School, wants to trade it in for a PlayStation 2.

Her mom, Jacqueline Rasgado, says not so fast.

“When she gets old enough and she gets married, we’ll have it put in a nice little pendant for her or something. It’ll be nice,” she said.




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