Diamond Rings: Value and Beauty

13 08 2010

What would an engagement be without a diamond ring? Nothing could be more romantic and sentimental than having a man propose to you with a diamond engagement ring in hand. The diamond engagement ring very often determines how well the proposal would go. Now it’s your turn to have your own diamond engagement ring. But which one do you deserve? We take a look at several factors you need to consider:

The quality

In diamonds, good quality usually refers to the clarity and color of the stone. Probably the most valued stone is one that is clear and has no flaws. You deserve no less, although there are plenty of choices out there that may not be as near perfect but may just be the right engagement ring for you.

The diamond engagement ring you deserve should also have the right coloring. Although the clear, colorless or near-colorless diamond is still a popular choice, your personality might demand that your engagement ring has more color in it.



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