New Website Features Stunning Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Red Lab Created Diamond Jewelry

14 08 2010

There is nothing simulated about these lab created diamonds that are eco-friendly and identical to mined diamonds., an industry leader in real lab created diamonds, announces a new website for consumers to gain access to some of the most rare and colorful pink, yellow and blue diamonds in the world. At, shoppers can find pink diamond engagement rings, yellow and blue diamond earrings, diamond encrusted pendants and much more. These fine jewels are affordable and yet identical to mined diamonds (not simulated). has created the perfect colored diamonds without the high expenses. The company is able to pass these savings onto the consumers who can show off beautiful jewels without the high costs. The company is able to create a precious variety of jewelry and engagement rings with pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds or traditional non-colored diamonds.

“Unlike simulated diamonds, lab created diamonds are real. They have the same look and feel of a mined diamond without the cost in money, time and lives,” said Neil Koppel, CEO “These yellow, blue and pink diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds and are becoming popular for engagement rings and pendants as more people are realizing how accessible colored diamonds can be when lab created.” is offering the consumer the ultimate luxury of colored diamonds without the high expenses that are incurred by diamond mines. These yellow, blue and pink diamonds include engagement rings, pendants and earrings featuring the patented and beautiful Renaissance Cut™. Open to the public, visitors can view to see how magnificent these diamonds are and begin selecting the diamonds they’ve dreamed of.

About JewelNet: specializes in lab created diamonds. Our diamonds come from a variety of sources and we specialize in the Renaissance Diamonds Inc. line of finely crafted jewelry and patented loose Eco Diamonds. There is nothing simulated about our lab created diamonds, among the rarest colored diamonds in the world including blue, yellow and pink. Most would be unattainable in mined diamonds because of the extremely limited supply and cost. Our philosophy is to offer you, our guests, the opportunity to purchase the most beautiful, high quality jewelry that will become your legacy pieces and at the same time be Eco Friendly and Socially Responsible.




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