Paspaley unfurls a marvellous and festive array of jewellery collections

14 08 2010

Paspaley Pearls, the pearling pioneer and jewellery house of merit, presents sensational gift options for this season of festivity and celebration.
Showcasing its precious merchandise against the delicate and exquisite charm of floral motifs and foliage, it offers decorative stud earrings, drop earrings, pendant chains and the timeless elegance of pearl strands featuring its unique and decorative clasps which can be detached and pinned on as brooches.

In these jewels, Paspaley blends the sheen of 750 white gold settings with the brilliance of the finest diamond brilliants, to highlight the beauty of both its South Sea pearls and its lucky wearer to flattering and stunning effect.

Designed to complement the festive spirit, Paspaley’s latest creations are offered in three sets of pendant chains and earrings which can be mixed and matched with flair by the style conscious.

Take for instance its combination of a stud earring and pendant chain featuring delicate foliage-like designs curling around a singular South Sea pearl, where tear-drop diamonds are features as tiny leaves. The play of intricate patterns against the bold, sumptuous orb of its protagonist the pearl forms a stunning spectacle as a woman’s jewel.

Its next set touts its South Sea pearl on a drop-gorgeous feature of floral motifs that grace the wearer’s ear lobe, glittering with diamonds, whose sparkle is designed to enhance the mystique of its pearls. This is matched by a pendant replicating the drop earring’s design and strung on a delicate chain that closely skirts the wearer’s neck to offer a combination of show-stopping essence.

The third set presents its breathtaking pearl strand with a magnificent diamond paved, orb-like clasp strung on it. This can be matched by a drop earring of equal stature, boasting not one but two South Sea pearls, one at the ear lobe and the other at its base which are connected by a stem of white gold richly encrusted with diamonds.

From classic, chic pieces that are perfect as corporate accessories to the timeless beauty of its pearl strands, each of Paspaley’s designs is inspired by and pays tribute to the stunning beauty of its world renowned South Sea pearls, hailed for their rare orient and awesome size.

Discover Paspaley’s stunning festive options now available at its exclusive boutiques in Dubai.




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