Tech toys: When a phone is jewelry

14 08 2010

Breeze Black Bluetooth 2.0 headset, Swarovski and Philips, $260
A headset as a fashion statement. This Bluetooth headset that works with all Bluetooth-enabled phones doubles as a pendant. It will run for up to five hours of talk time, 100 hours of standby with an operating range of up to 10 metres.

VAIO NS notebook computer, Sony, $1,000
With a Blu-Ray Disc ROM drive, this laptop is great for watching high-def, and it comes with DVD and CD read and write functionality as well, making it pretty much a do-all computer and entertainment centre. The CS, the other new model in the VAIO line, comes in different configurations, starting at $700.

A636 photo printer, HP
HP is rolling out new printers in time for the holiday market, including the 6380, the A636 and the D7560, all released this month. HP encourages home creativity with its website, and its new printers run the gamut from photo fun to the more workhorse-like all-in-ones that deliver everything from business projects to party planning. More than 70 per cent of printers selling today are all-in-ones, but the A636 with its touch screen and rechargeable battery pack that will print about 100 photos — five-by-seven or four-by-six — on a charge is fun for people who want a printer they can pack up and easily take with them to print their photos at home, at the cottage, or at grandma’s for Christmas.

Kill a Watt Electricity Power Meter, Cable Organizer, $30
Measure your environmental footprint — or at least tally up the power that all your appliances are using up. The LCD displays the real truth about your power consumption. It has a cumulative kilowatt-hour monitor to forecast costs. Plug an electric appliance into the meter and the display screen will show the power consumption in kilowatt-hours, calculating how much it will cost to run for a day, a week, a month, or a year.




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