Oscars Style: Light on Jewels, Heavy on Embellished Couture

13 08 2010

To the disappointment of many a jewelry fan, gown beading and overhead lights sparkled more than most of the jewelry at this year’s Academy Awards. This is because of a noticeable dearth in the fine jewelry department. Instead, most stars’ gowns featured metallic fabrics, beading, or other embellishments that seemingly minimized the need for heavy accessories; plus, some asymmetrical necklines, such as on Queen Latifa, thwarted stars’ abilities to wear necklaces.

Many jewelry fans bemoaned the bare looks, especially on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Amanda Seyfreid, whose sparkling strapless gowns were forced to shoulder the bulk of the embellishment duties since necklaces and bracelets were nonexistent (jewelry statements for both include compact earrings that hugged the ear, and one bracelet for Seyfreid).

Overall, two jewelry trends emerged from the night: oversize earrings and blackened platinum. The former helped carry the look of bare necklines, and the latter complemented couture details, such as black lace trim on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Chanel Couture gown. Her accessory picks: blackened platinum and gold jewels from Fred Leighton, including a rose-cut diamond and platinum bracelet, a cognac diamond flexible bracelet in 18k gold, diamond bangles, and a sapphire Wave bracelet. Other estate pieces featured an inherently blackened hue, including 19th-century diamond cluster earrings and a diamond riviere necklace (wrapped around the wrist) and a 9.00 ct. t.w. old-mine-cut diamond ring.

Other stars who donned blackened platinum jewels include:

Nicole Richie in Lorraine Schwartz diamond stud earrings, an iridescent 110 cts. t.w. diamond cluster ring, and another diamond ring.

Faith Hill in 180 cts. t.w. black and colorless diamond bangles by Lorraine Schwartz.

Amanda Seyfried in 250 cts. t.w. brown, champagne, and mint diamond bracelets, a brown diamond ball ring, and diamond earrings, all by Lorraine Schwartz.

Meanwhile, even more stars donned large earrings to offset bare necks. Among them:

Rachel McAdams in natural multicolor diamond earrings and a diamond pinky ring by Lorraine Schwartz.

Cameron Diaz in Cartier diamond pave Trinity Circle earrings in white, yellow, and rose gold; a diamond and white gold ring from the Cartier Private Archive collection; princess- and round-cut diamond ring in white gold, also by Cartier.

Mariah Carey in 43 cts. t.w. rose-cut diamond hoops by Chopard, in addition to an oval-cut diamond bracelet by William Goldberg, a floral diamond cuff and stacked diamond and tennis bracelets by H.Stern, and a diamond flower brooch by Chopard.


Jewelry dazzle on Oscar night

13 08 2010
The 82nd Annual Academy Awards was a night of firsts, with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first-ever female to snag an Oscar for Best Director, and funny woman Sandra Bullock’s about-face Best Actress Oscar win for her role in a drama.
According to National Jeweler, however, there weren’t many surprises when it came to the jewelry seen on the red carpet.  Both nominees and presenters opted for classic diamond jewelry, especially a combination of diamond line bracelets and diamond earrings, from simple studs to drops to cluster versions featuring assemblages of small stones.
Classic jewelry have dominated awards show season, from the Emmys to the Golden Globe Awards held in January, to Oscar night. Effortlessly glamorous, it isn’t hard to see why it was a look chosen by both nominees and presenters gracing the Oscars stage.
The Hurt Locker director wore Boucheron’s “Ava” diamond stud earrings and “Ariane” bracelet with a pear-cut diamond and round pave diamonds set in white gold; while Bullock complemented her gown with a diamond line bracelet and classic diamond drops falling just below her earlobesm both Neil Lane designs.
Best Supporting Actress winner Mo’Nique, Avatar star Sigourney Weaver, presenter Charlize Theron and Crazy Heart star Maggie Gyllenhaal all adorned the earrings and bracelet combination,  pairing the diamond jewelry duo with gowns in vivid hues.
Mo’Nique selected Chopard’s princess-cut yellow diamond tennis bracelet, radiant-cut light yellow diamond line bracelet and radiant-cut fancy yellow and colorless diamond earrings to wear with her sapphire blue gown.  Gyllenhaal accented her gown with a Fred Leighton 1940s diamond and platinum bracelet featuring emerald and sapphire, and a 19th century diamond and ivory “Calla Lily” earrings. Weaver paired her bright red Lanvin with a Neil Lane diamond link bracelet, ruby and diamond bracelets, and round diamond drop earrings, all set in platinum, while Theron chose Harry Winston’s vintage marquise diamond and platinum “Wave” bracelet and diamond and platinum cluster earrings.
Presenter Demi Moore, Best Supporting Actress nominees Vera Farmiga and Carey Mulligan, also sparkled: Moore selected a flurry of Van Cleef and Arpels designs, including  a tassel pearl, diamond and sapphire ear clips,  a vintage diamond and platinum bracelets and a hairclip from the “Private Collection.” Farmiga wore a Fred Leighton 1920s diamond and platinum ear clips with opal, 1960s diamond cluster cocktail ring and a diamond and platinum leaf brooch in her hair. Mulligan chose a Fred Leighton-designed Everlon diamond knot ring, a 19th century pear-shaped diamond ring and 19th century cascading earrings featuring diamond briolettes.

Digital Bling: Diamonds For Sale Online

13 08 2010

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a celebration for lovers. It’s also a time when jewelers step up their advertising for precious stones like diamonds.

Traditionally, consumers have gone to jewelry stores to purchase engagement rings and other fine gems. Now, a small but growing number of people are buying diamonds online and spending thousands — even tens of thousands of dollars — to buy something they have never seen.

Alok Kapur proposed with champagne, chocolate and a diamond ring. It was classic and romantic. But he bought his ring in a much less traditional way. He purchased it online from Blue Nile — the nation’s largest online seller of diamond engagement rings.

Leibish & Co. Welcomes 2010 with a New Rare Red Argyle Diamond

13 08 2010

The company kicks off the New Year with the unveiling of an exceedingly rare 0.52 Carat Natural Purplish Red Argyle Diamond.

Ramat-Gan, Diamond Exchange, Israel Leibish & Co., which specializes in natural fancy color diamonds, launches 2010 with the unveiling of an exceedingly rare 0.52 Carat Natural Purplish Red Argyle Diamond.

A rare Red Diamond, sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, has been added to the unique offering of diamond company Leibish & Co.

As one of the rarest and arguably the most elusive color of fancy color diamonds, the red stones are highly sought after as there are only about 20 known natural red diamonds in the world.

Historically, red diamonds have been sold for record breaking prices. In 1987, the fancy purplish red 0.95 carat Hancock Red Diamond set a new world record per carat price. The Hancock Red fetched $926,000 per carat– more than seven times the previous record price of $127,000 per carat. This record was broken only in 2007, when a 6.04 carat flawless fancy blue diamond was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a staggering $1.3 million per carat.

Loose diamonds, in general, are considered to be a wise investment as they constantly appreciate in value. Due to their rarity, natural fancy color diamonds – more so than white diamonds – offer their owners a unique source of value.

Francois Curiel, Christie’s Europe chairman and a renowned jewelry expert, said that “While a perfect colorless diamond now trades at $100,000 per carat, the benchmark for the best color diamonds has surpassed $1 million a carat and continues to rise”. And as supply of Argyle red and pink diamonds – which account for 90%-95% of all red and pink diamonds in the world – is expected to run out by 2018, the unprecedented appeal of these stones only continues to grow.

The unique feature adding even more value to the rarity of Leibish & Co’s new fancy purplish red diamond is its size. At 0.52 carat, the size of this magnificent stone is larger than most red diamonds as the majority of them weigh less than half a carat. An Argyle serial number laser inscribed on the stone provides proof of its origin, while this radiant cut SI1 clarity diamond measures at 4.53 X 4.49 X 2.83 and is certified by GIA.

Robert E. Kane refers to the rarity of the diamond’s hue in his research from 1987, Three Notable Fancy Color Diamonds and says, “… Although intense (and vivid) pink diamonds are rare, a color description that includes ‘red’ is even more rare, especially where red is the primary (dominant) hue, such as purplish red…”
“A stone of this size and color is truly unique and rare”, said Itzik Polnauer, E-commerce Manager at Leibish & Co. “It is the perfect item for collectors and any true diamond lover”, he added.

Help Guide for Buying Quality Diamonds

13 08 2010

So you want to buy a diamond. And you want to make sure you know what it is you are buying. Well you are at the right place, as at DiamondsOnWeb we pride ourselves on providing succinct and useful information on diamonds. We, like you, want to make sure that you get the diamond you deserve and that is why we have created an easy five step by step guide to buying a diamond.

But first I guess you want to know; what a diamond is exactly and why it is so special? A diamond is three billion years in age, making it the oldest item that anyone can own and thus a highly sort after rarity. It is formed in the earth’s interior and shot to the surface by extraordinary volcanoes. It is comprised exclusively of carbon in its most concentrated form (carbon is a native chemical element that is fundamental to all life). So when you own a diamond you could say you own one of nature’s most treasured and spectacular elements.

So now you know just how unique a diamond is, it’s time to learn about what to look for in a diamond. The first step to choosing a diamond is selecting from one of the major diamond shapes available. This step of the diamonds buying process is one of the easiest and it is strictly dependent upon personal preference. Round brilliant stones are the most popular and are thought to be the quintessential diamond shape. However, one shape is not necessarily better than another.

Step two involves examining the cut of the diamond. The cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond. Based on scientific formulas, a well-cut diamond will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another. In step three it is important to look at the color that the diamond possesses.

The color refers to the degree to which a diamond is colorless. Diamond color has a significant impact on its value. The clarity of the diamond is studied in step four. Diamonds with few flaws, or inclusions, are very rare and highly valued. Inclusions may look like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers. Finally, in step five, attention is given to the carat weight of the diamond. It is important to note that carat is often confused with size even though it is actually a measure of weight.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge you need when you purchase your diamond please feel free to enjoy browsing though the large selection of diamonds offered on DiamondsOnWeb. At DiamondsOnWeb we deal only with certified/graded diamonds from the most respected labs: GIA, EGL and AGS so you are certain to be happy with the quality of your unique jewel.

About Diamonds On Web
Unlike most sites that sell other wholesaler’s diamonds and then make a commission, Diamonds on Web is a true wholesaler that carries its own inventory and has provided quality certified diamonds to jewelry stores throughout North America for almost 25 years. The site was introduced in 2000, and quickly became a leader in online diamonds thanks to its exceptional quality, unmatched prices, and outstanding customer service. All diamonds are certified by the top laboratories in the world (GIA, EGL and AGS).

Will Just Engaged Carrie Underwood Sport a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

13 08 2010

American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, has just confirmed her engagement to Ottawa Senators hockey star Mike Fisher.

There is something that someone should tell Mr. Mike Fisher – that his fiancee might want black diamonds on her engagement ring.

Literally just a few days before the proposal Carrie Underwood blogged that ‘Famous people are even beginning to don black rings. A lot of folks consider these rings as an more sought after alternative to the normal clean diamond.’ (If you want to find a piece of diamond jewelry with black diamonds

Will Carrie Underwood Join This New Trend?
Carrie says black diamonds rings are beginning to latch on as many couples are appearing to do something a bit distinguishable. “And they should, because they actually do bestow a fresh attribute to conventional jewellery, and at the same time, they’re as attractive and every bit graceful as any other diamond. Many couples desire their wedding day to have a expression of their personalities, and what better way to answer that than having a black diamond ring.
When a couple really would like to establish an affirmation, there has no better manner to do this than to have a effervescent ring on your finger. Black diamonds rings without doubt make a statement on their own, only once you fuse the black diamonds with colorless diamonds, the final answer is plainly exquisite,” she says. If you wish to find a colored diamond for yourself, check out Blue Nile’s selection.

Black diamonds rings are now all the rage. Many years past, most people hadn’t still discovered a black diamond, only they’ve been around for years. To read more about diamonds.

If you are looking for a diamond price guide, here is a great guide to help you find your diamonds.
“At the moment believed the rarest of diamonds and could actually on occasion be more expensive than a colorless diamond or a yellow diamond. They’re an clear black color and show the equal strength as a lot of other diamonds. These diamonds are mined by and large in Brazil and in the Central African commonwealth,” says Carrie.

Stars shine in diamonds at the American Music Awards

13 08 2010

Diamond jewellery stood out as the preferred choice for most of the stars attending the American Music Awards, including Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige and Shakira. Long shoulder-grazing drop earrings, a diamond bracelet and ring were worn by Underwood. Lopez wore a 5-carat diamond wraparound ring designed by Ofira, black and colourless diamond geometric circle earrings designed by Lorraine Schwartz, a white gold and diamond encrusted wraparound twisted cuff and dome diamond ball ring. Blige wore Lorraine Schwartz jewels – 30-carat diamond encrusted geometric earrings, a diamond mesh cuff, all worth around $800,000. Shakira wore Ofira’s black gold, black and colourless diamond ring and blackened diamond bangles, while Kate Hudson dressed up with Anita Ko’s white gold and diamond ring earrings, two white gold and diamond spike bracelets and a white gold pavé band, reports say.

One of the jewellery trends exhibited at the awards was wearing multiple rings on one hand, as did stars like Rihanna wearing Neil Lane’s designed two black and colorless diamond and platinum rings with Sutra’s rose-cut “3×3” diamond ring. Music artist Jay-Z wore a Martin Katz designed diamond lapel ring and pin. The function also saw some artists adorning gemstones including garnet in platinum, rose amethyst in pink mother-of-pearl.