Leibish & Co. Welcomes 2010 with a New Rare Red Argyle Diamond

13 08 2010

The company kicks off the New Year with the unveiling of an exceedingly rare 0.52 Carat Natural Purplish Red Argyle Diamond.

Ramat-Gan, Diamond Exchange, Israel Leibish & Co., which specializes in natural fancy color diamonds, launches 2010 with the unveiling of an exceedingly rare 0.52 Carat Natural Purplish Red Argyle Diamond.

A rare Red Diamond, sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, has been added to the unique offering of diamond company Leibish & Co.

As one of the rarest and arguably the most elusive color of fancy color diamonds, the red stones are highly sought after as there are only about 20 known natural red diamonds in the world.

Historically, red diamonds have been sold for record breaking prices. In 1987, the fancy purplish red 0.95 carat Hancock Red Diamond set a new world record per carat price. The Hancock Red fetched $926,000 per carat– more than seven times the previous record price of $127,000 per carat. This record was broken only in 2007, when a 6.04 carat flawless fancy blue diamond was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a staggering $1.3 million per carat.

Loose diamonds, in general, are considered to be a wise investment as they constantly appreciate in value. Due to their rarity, natural fancy color diamonds – more so than white diamonds – offer their owners a unique source of value.

Francois Curiel, Christie’s Europe chairman and a renowned jewelry expert, said that “While a perfect colorless diamond now trades at $100,000 per carat, the benchmark for the best color diamonds has surpassed $1 million a carat and continues to rise”. And as supply of Argyle red and pink diamonds – which account for 90%-95% of all red and pink diamonds in the world – is expected to run out by 2018, the unprecedented appeal of these stones only continues to grow.

The unique feature adding even more value to the rarity of Leibish & Co’s new fancy purplish red diamond is its size. At 0.52 carat, the size of this magnificent stone is larger than most red diamonds as the majority of them weigh less than half a carat. An Argyle serial number laser inscribed on the stone provides proof of its origin, while this radiant cut SI1 clarity diamond measures at 4.53 X 4.49 X 2.83 and is certified by GIA.

Robert E. Kane refers to the rarity of the diamond’s hue in his research from 1987, Three Notable Fancy Color Diamonds and says, “… Although intense (and vivid) pink diamonds are rare, a color description that includes ‘red’ is even more rare, especially where red is the primary (dominant) hue, such as purplish red…”
“A stone of this size and color is truly unique and rare”, said Itzik Polnauer, E-commerce Manager at Leibish & Co. “It is the perfect item for collectors and any true diamond lover”, he added.


Owner of 101-Carater Names it 'The Shizuka Diamond'

13 08 2010

RAPAPORT… The owner of the largest colorless diamond ever sold in Asia at auction has named the stone “The Shizuka Diamond.” Christie’s sold the 101.27-carat, F color, VVS1 shield-shape diamond in May 2008 for $6.2 million (HKD 48.5 million ), or about $61,334 per carat.

The buyer’s name was not revealed, but the diamond was reported by Christie’s to have been purchased as a gift for his wife of 16 years. The stone was cut from a 460-carat rough into an unusual modified shield shape with 92 facets, the auction house added.

The gem, mounted in a tiara for its sale, was considered a highlight of the Spring 2008 jewelry auction season. At the time, it was the largest colorless diamond sold at auction anywhere in the world in almost 20 years.