Perfect Gift Gold and Diamond Pendants by Add to Rich Valentine's Day Tradition

14 08 2010
FREDERICK, Md., Jan. 29 /CNW/ -- With less than two weeks to Valentine's
Day, Internet jewelry sales leader announced today that it has
added 150 new gold and diamond pendants and lockets to its online jewelry
offerings. These stunning gifts -- with many gold and diamond variations
available -- offer both value and higher-end shoppers many options as
Valentine's Day approaches.
    " is pleased to offer these special Valentine's Day
pendants and lockets to our loyal customers, as our way of carrying on and
adding to this rich, storied holiday tradition of expressing our appreciation
to our loved ones," stated Marketing Manager Raz Barr.
    Pendants and lockets for Valentine's Day are being offered in 14K white
gold, yellow gold and two-tone, so it is easy to find jewelry pieces perfect
to suit all tastes, Barr said.
    Shoppers with all types of budgets will find plenty of items from which
to choose: Prices range from $100 to $2,000, and all pendants will include a
complimentary 18-inch gold chain.
    The traditional day on which partners show their love for each other, the
holiday dates to the Middle Ages, However, the modern tradition of Valentine's
Day and gift-giving of jewelry, candy and flowers dates to 1847. This was when
the first mass-produced valentines of embossed paper lace were produced by a
Worcester, MA, book and stationery store. Since then, Valentine's Day has
grown into the second-largest card and gift-giving holiday of the year, after
Christmas. In the 1980's, giving diamonds and other jewels for Valentine's Day
became popular.
    "These beautiful pendants and lockets tie in perfectly with the
long-standing Valentine's Day tradition of showing our appreciation for our
loved ones, and we believe will help to make a vivid and memorable holiday for
both the giver and receiver," said Barr. Read more about what our customers
say about us at
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